I Put A Spell On You - Pumpkin Soufflé scented candle

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Sisters! Prepare to be enchanted by this mouthwatering, decadent scented masterpiece. Fresh pumpkin notes blend flawlessly with brown sugar, molasses, and a buttery vanilla finish. This scent is Fall in a candle. Add this spooky and delightful gem to your collection today; it's positively bewitching!
    • Each of our candles are handmade from a blend of natural soy and paraffin wax, a crackling wood wick, and inspired by your favorite childhood heroes. Every color has a unique, hand-picked fragrance. Choose your favorite, or collect them all!
    • Our candles are handcrafted, so there may be slight variations in color.
    • "Frosting" (when the wax crystallizes slightly) and "Wet spots" (when the wax separates from the container) are both common in soy candles, but they don't affect the quality of the product!

    Customer Reviews

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    Jamsheed Master
    Amazing quality and service

    This is an amazing little company and I love the candle I bought. It smells exactly as described and the business owner is super friendly too.

    Tara S.

    This candle is my new favorite scent! Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it gives off the most lovely crackle sound because of the wooden wick. I will definitely be buying this candle again. I’ve already almost burnt it all the way down, having had it lit almost nonstop! 

    Kaci Welch

    I Put A Spell On You - Pumpkin Soufflé scented candle

    Fall delight!

    This candle looks awesome but the scent is a slice of pumpkin bliss. Strong bold fragrance that fills up my entire house. Fast shipping. Great customer service.