Cowabunga! - Sparkling Citrus/Vanilla scented candle

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    This tangy, layered candle is our take on a fizzy orange cream soda. Bright notes of blood orange and bergamot combine with vanilla to create a sweet and effervescent experience that'll make you say "Cowabunga, dude!"
      • Each of our candles are handmade from a blend of natural soy and paraffin wax, a crackling wood wick, and inspired by your favorite childhood heroes. Every color has a unique, hand-picked fragrance. Choose your favorite, or collect them all!
      • Our candles are handcrafted, so there may be slight variations in color.
      • "Frosting" (when the wax crystallizes slightly) and "Wet spots" (when the wax separates from the container) are both common in soy candles, but they don't affect the quality of the product!
      • **Please note that our 8 oz Turtle candles are NOT layered. They are only one color throughout**