Bloom of Doom - Honeysuckle/Strawberry/Vanilla scented candle

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    Nice Stereo! Decadent, but not overly sweet, you'll want to high kick it with this fragrant bouquet of tropical honeysuckle, sweet strawberries, and vanilla cream. Dependable and daring, this beauty really packs a punch!
      • Each of our candles are handmade from a blend of natural soy and paraffin wax, a crackling wood wick, and inspired by your favorite childhood heroes. Every color has a unique, hand-picked fragrance. Choose your favorite, or collect them all!
      • Our candles are handcrafted, so there may be slight variations in color.
      • "Frosting" (when the wax crystallizes slightly) and "Wet spots" (when the wax separates from the container) are both common in soy candles, but they don't affect the quality of the product!
      • **Please note that Bloom of Doom and Prism Power have the same fragrance**

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Ricardo Ramirez
      Amazing scents

      The scent is awesome!!! As well as all the others I bought. Amazing job!!! I love how it fills the room with such an amazing scent.. thank you

      Kat Monday
      You need this candle!

      Regardless of whether you are a lover of the color pink, the Power Rangers, or a beautifully made candle with an AMAZING smell—this is a candle anyone would love! The strawberry/vanilla/honeysuckle combo is genius. It’s the perfect balance between fruit, flower and smooth. This is one that I recommend to everyone to try! Love the color, LOVE the smell and love the presentation. Beautiful candle!

      Jon Sangster

      I got the Bloom of Doom and the Power Axe candles and they are, dare I say it, RAD!! They smell great even before you light them, and smell even better when lit! They last a great amount of time and truly keep their scent throughout their duration. I'm so in love with my Something Rad Candle and I can't wait to order from other collections!

      Anthony Sierra
      Beautiful Candle!

      My Bloom of Doom MMPR Pink Themed candle was INCREDIBLE. It not only smells wonderful but brings me awesome memories of childhood when I look at it. Love!