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Amazing as always!

All candles were packaged carefully and nicely, and smell AMAZING. Most of them are Christmas gifts, I can’t wait to give them out!

Love this candle!!

I absolutely adore this company. I have ordered from them before and loved every product - and this one is no exception! The scent is amazing and perfect for winter. Will make for a perfect gift! Would highly recommend and will definitely be a returning customer.

Fabulous!! Love this fragrance!!

Smells Amazing!

I absolutely loved the smell of this candle! It’s so nice and it made me very impressed! I also loved how the wood wick crackles when it burns, makes me feel so comfy. 😊

Free catalogs and free samples

YES WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME ONE of your catalogs 82crestwood ln Crawford Ville 32327yes I will be looking for my catalogs very soon and free samples

Love this Candle Company!

Every single candle smells wonderful and is high quality. Love it!

10/10 would reccomend

I have tried a few collections, from the crafts inspired "we are the wierdos mister" and hocus pocus inspired " black flame candle". The scent descriptions are spot on, and the wood wick crackle makes it feel like a cozy day in.

Absolutely love all of the unique themes to choose from, always variety, and the collections take you on a nostalgic trip through our favorite films. We all love these in my office, something for everyone to love. From clueless, to Pokémon collection, and the eternally classic nightmare before Christmas inspired collection. These candles bring about a nostalgic magic that no other candle company can compete with. I would absolutely give these to my friends and family for holidays and birthdays, because they are so personalized and unique. Plus I love supporting small business so it was a win win to try these.

Amazing quality and service

This is an amazing little company and I love the candle I bought. It smells exactly as described and the business owner is super friendly too.

My FAVORITE Something Rad scent!!

Fire Bender is so comforting- like a hug from a spa/campfire at the same time. I can’t get enough! Packaging was so lovely as usual.

Smells SO good

I love my candle. It has a light and fresh smell that fills the house with goodness. I recommend this scent highly!

Recent person to order

The packaging was so cute and super efficient. Love, love the fragrance.

cool candle

i don't have it, i bought it for a friend. they like it. mission accomplished ig?


I am very satisfied and excited with my Purchase!

Boogie Man - Caramel/Granny Smith Apple scented candle

Love them!

I am very excited and extremely happy with my candles and sanitizer sprays

Wow 🤩

Seriously one of the best smelling candles 🎂 be ever had. All the candles by something rad are amazing but I love this one so much I need another one already! Lol

Excellent products!

I have the entire Power Rangers candle set and sanitizer spray set and I love the scents! Definitely worth the purchase!

Fun packaging, stellar branding, and the scents are all *chef’s kiss* I purchased the Halloween themed box set, and LOVE them! Cannot recommend enough.

I love the wax melts I ordered 4 different scents and omg they all smell amazing. I am using bubble blast right now from their sailor moon collection and it fills the room beautifully. Love it!!! Keep up the good work

Beautifully made candle with super fun theme!! Flawless experience!!

My first candle was the Pride candle!!! I just purchased a few more because these amazing candles smell absolutely lovely and lasts a long time!!! Great for gifts too, especially if people love Harry Potter or TMNT themes.

I ordered the six ranger candles. They all smelled amazing and are really fun and nostalgic. I also was surprised how big they were for the price. A lot of great value.

SO happy with this purchase!

I bought the Pride candle as a gift for a friend and she LOVED it. Beautiful colors and scent, great packaging, and a kind note from the shop owner, Luke. And it shipped super quickly too! Highly recommend and I will definitely be a returning customer :)

It was exciting finding this shop. I’ve been going through a 90s nostalgic phase and I absolutely love the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Finding this shop has been very exciting. I had to try the MMPR first. These candles are perfect, they look and smell great! Next order I’m getting the TMNT set.

Update: I’m only buying these candles from now on. I’m in love with these being from the first (best!) season of PR. I’ve been burning Green with Evil since receiving my order and these are high quality candles. The wood wick lets out a nice crackling sound when burning. If I can get these in the same fluted pillar shape of the powerdraining candles from the show my life would be complete!