Ranger Spray - scented hand sanitizer

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Defend yourself against the forces of evil with our scented hand sanitizer! Ranger Spray is small enough to travel around with you, but strong enough to take on any germs. Shake them up and watch each bottle sparkle and swirl with gold lightening bolt confetti!
  • Each of our hand sanitizers are 2 fluid ounces and inspired by your favorite childhood heroes. Every color has a unique, hand-picked fragrance. Choose your favorite, or collect them all!
  • Power Spray is a thin liquid spray (NOT GEL) made with moisturizing Aloe Vera, 70% alcohol (the CDC recommends at least 60%), and totally rad!

  • Our hand sanitizer is handcrafted, so there may be slight variations in color.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

When buying this I thought it was a scented mist to compliment the candles, but I reread the description after ordering and noticed it’s actually hand sanitizer. Either way I wanted these! After receiving the bottle in my hand I noticed the confetti (not sure if that’s the correct name for it). The power ranger lighting symbol just threw me over the edge. Can these get anymore awesome?!

So cute thanks

Bf loved it

Great gift!

I know that my friend will love it, big Power Rangers fan!

Nina Lee

I purchased the collection of Power Sprays and I am super happy I did!! The Power Spray is 70% Alcohol based, I feel extremely safe before, during and after an essential run or outing. But, the unique smells they individually have are outstanding - bold but not overwhelming. Love the packaging as well, those lightening bolts are life! I will be a repeat customer for sure.